2011 Haunt Photos...We were just an idea

The creation of the DRUNK PUMPKIN begins... with a sidekick carving his first pumpkin for Salem Haunts

Making sure he doesn't cut his fingers

DMNTD, soon to be first actor creates his pumpkin


To the left, soon to be our first female actress

Little man and his pumpkin 

Final pumpkins lit up

Far right.... INTRODUCING...Salem Haunts DRUNK PUMPKIN making his debut


Freddy and Jason, the ORIGINAL Salem Haunts decoration

The ORIGINAL Spider Display


DMNTD and Jason, practicing future scares

DMNTD and Freddy, just hanging around

Practicing for future scenes

CEO and Actress

Little did we know, this is the beginning of a Haunting future 

We are ready and waiting to scare you!