2013 Haunt Photos

From 2012, one actor / one tent to..... 2013 Cast And Crew

Pumpkin carving in process




The completed carved pumpkins

Final pumpkin display with our favorite Pumpkin kickin' it below

Debut of the "original" Jason Actors

The Debut of our first female Actress, LT, joins the crew

From one tent to THREE for 2013

The first ORIGINAL Doll Room

Doll Room leads to Jason and Freddy's room

Jason and Freddy has been promoted from outside decorations to part of the Haunt

The 3rd tent is the torture room

Jason Actor checking his phone before the Haunt begins

DMNTD showing off his Make up

Salem's first Actor gets his own tent.  He's mad at those that escaped his torture room and hopes to "catch" you in future Haunts.