2014 Haunt Photos

2014 Cast and Crew

Returning Cast / Crew members Larry and Amanda. And the Debut of actor, Julian

Returning Cast / Crew members. With actress Vanessa's Debut and a guest appearance by Dewey.

CEO and Board Member 

Setting up


Walls are going up


The final House



Need to start filling in rooms


Doll Room

Doorway to Freddy and Jason

Freddy and Jason's Room

Doorway to Body Room

Body Room


Filling in Freddy and Jason's room

Pumpkin Carving Time!!


Concentrating very hard

What do you think

Carving alone

Completed Carve

Final Display with the Drunk Pumpkin taking his usual place

The Night has just started

End of the night

Board Member showing off Displays

Actress LT fitting into her new Room


Getting comfy


Full Make Up and Ready to Haunt

Original Actor in full throttle

Photos before the Haunt

Taking a stance

Up and ready to Haunt Salem Haunt Signs

When you see it.... This actor will never live this one down

Break over, ready to Haunt

First year Salem Haunts providing a lounge room for those too afraid to enter the Haunt







Hauntees taking photos with cast member


Night is OVER! Haunter "Jason" is tired! Thank you everyone for another successful year!

Coming Soon!