2015 Haunt Photos

Salem Haunts 2015 Cast and Crew

Oct. 3rd, opening newly purchased canopy

Putting it together

Actor SWEARS he did a lot of work

Measuring new canopy for lot space and room location

New canopy lot residency

Friday Oct. 30th, setting up the canopies




Saturday Halloween Day. Room walls setting up. 

Actor helping out with walls



New Canopy with partial fixin'

Street View of Salem Haunts with new sign placement

Another street view

Kelvin gives Salem Haunts a helping hand

Mary helps create her room

Board member Amanda helps with Body Parts room

Actor DMNTD Helps Kelvin with the Body Room Debut

Actor DMNTD debating how to fix up Jason and Freddy's room

Actors Julian and Larry working on Body Parts room


Final Look




An attempt of a break room for actors

Leaving first room into the 2nd room, Body Parts room

The Human Sacrifice 

Body Parts rooms

Leaving Body Part room takes you into the Doll Room 3rd Year Appearance

More Dolls


Leaving Doll Room takes you to the Crazy Clown room

Pumpkin Carving time


Cut out

Lit up

Final Display

Camera Shy Drunk Pumpkin hiding ini his usual spot

Display lit up

Display at night

HEY! Who did this?

The infamous Drunk Pumpkin of course! 



I think we have to cut him off

Guest appearance by Mary posing with Salem Haunts returning actors, DMNTD and Vanessa

Debut for Actor, Eli, posing with Mary, DMNTD and Vanessa

"Jason" having fun before getting serious

Here is "Jason's" serious face

Halloween Day, putting up Salem Haunts "Legal" signs

"Jason" is such a big help

Sign I, Part I

Sign I, Part II Salem Haunt 2014 Signage "Incident" has been "fixed"

Salem Haunts attempts social media

Letting the Hauntees know "We are watching you"



Setting up the Hauntee Line

Eating before the big performance

Actors have to eat

Make Up time

Last minute adjustments

Everything is ready, must relax before it gets too busy



Final costume preparation

Cast and Crew AFTER that haunt

Very exhausted


Salem Haunts would like to apologize for lack of "Day Of" photos. Salem Haunts used a Go-Pro for this event and solely depended on the Go-Pro. Unfortunately it cannot upload onto the site. 

Board Member and CEO want to thank you for coming out to Salem Haunts 2015

Thank you everyone for a successful 2015!!