2016 Haunt Photos Part II

2016 Photos Part II

2016 Flyer (1st Half)

2nd Half. Image was too large for full shot.

Flyer at Starbucks in Mira Mesa

Flyer at Wings n Things in Mira Mesa

Returning Actors: Vanessa, DMNTD, Eli and Rich


Debut year for The Butcher and Erika

The Butcher's & Erika's room

Debut year for actress Samantha

And Debut year for Salem Haunt's Baby! 


Someone waiting for you in the shadows

Oct. 30th, last minute meeting

Oct. 30th, final walk through

Halloween Candy

Candy Monster

Oct. 31st, final touches on rooms


The Butcher and Erika fix their costumes

Just waiting....

Board members final dicussion

Rich checking to ensure canopies are ready

READY to haunt 2016!!!

Break Room; Must eat before performance


Board member and adults annual toast

Good luck for another successful year! 



2016 Salem Haunts guests

Front view of Haunt



Father of CEO helps take down the body room


Packed and ready for storage. Until 2017

THANK YOU to ALL 439 people for supporting 2016!  

CEO and Exec. Board Member looking forward to SCARING YA IN 2017!