2016 Haunt Photos Part I

2017 Cast and Crew (1st half)

2017 Cast and Crew (2nd half)

Sept. 3, 2016 Board member meeting 

Oct. 24, 2016 board meeting to finalize everything.  Joining the meeting is newcomer actor "The Butcher."

Measuring lay out

Actress LT shows off canopy layout by board members. 

Body Building

Body parts removed from storage

CEO stuffing a body for display

Characters just hanging around

Pumpkins for carving

LT and her pumpkin

CEO starting on her Drunk Pumpkin


Yard display

Pumpkin display with the drunk pumpkin taking his usual place

Pumpkins and the spiders

Setting up the drunk pumpkin

He started early

End of night

Bodies just laying around

Time for set up

Arranging Rooms


Walls are up

Board Members debating on opened space

Aerial view of final set up

Final Sign placement

Window decor

Board Member, Larry, showing actress LT how to properly string up a body

Body Room

New comer actress, Samantha helps out LT


A few changes to the Doll Room

Actor DMNTD, sets up his room

Loves his new scare mate


DMNTD Horror Room



Room entrance where someone is waiting for you

The Doctor Room

Green Room Year 2

Fire pit in Spider Room

Final Spider Room

Newcomer "The Butcher" working hard on his room

Working well into the night with Jason and Freddy watching through the window

The Butcher's final room minus the actor(s)

Final Body Room