2017 Haunt Photos Part I

2017 Salem Haunts Cast and Crew 

Starting Canopy set up late night on Saturday Oct. 28th

More Canopies added onto Salem's Lot

All canopies up for the night

Oct. 29 Day Time canopy shot



Time to add Canopy walls

Final Lot Shot


Time to set up individual rooms First room of Salem Haunts is the  "Doll Room"

Jumping spider in Doll Room

Zombie Baby

Annabelle came by to scare everyone at Salem Haunts

Demon Doll

Just hanging around

Doll Room creator, Richard

Green Room Creators Larry and Julian 

"Green Room" 3 years running

Leaving the "Green Room" you will find the "Easter Egg"

After the "Easter Egg" you will find prisoners from past Salem Haunts

Prisoners come in "handy"

Our first prisoner 

Jason hanging out with the prisoners


We all know this movie 

Freddy hanging out in the prisoner room 


Freddy with effects

Tortured Prisoner

After the Prisoner Room, the Crazy Clowns are next

Don't be deceived by their smiling faces


After the "Clown Room" walk down the all to the "Body Room" 


Outside "Prisoner Room" inspection

Outside "Clown Room" where IT is watching you

Salem Haunts gets Media Attention

Setting up by Photo Booth


Our Resources



Being interviewed by Channel 10 News.

First in Salem Haunts History

CEO carving the Notorious Drunk Pumpkin

It's not a drunk pumpkin until you have a drunk carver



Another pumpkin carved by Jr. Board Member

More pumpkins from Jr. Board Member


Final display on Halloween Night


Drunk Pumpkin Debut for Halloween Night

First Round of Drinks



Last Call


Jr. Board Member DMNTD getting ready for his performance on Halloween night

Clown Room Creator, Rich, getting his Make Up added


Final look

Prisoner # 1 Actress getting make up on 


Prisoner # 2 Actress getting make up done


"Cemetery Room" Creator / Actress / Board Member, Amanda showing off her own make up skills

Prisoner # 3 getting some make up help and eating....we still have to eat

All prisoner help

Prisoner # 3 checks out the make up job

Prisoners eating before going into their "cell" for the night

Prisoners having make up checks and last meal.....

.....Before being locked away

Actor and Crew member eating before a busy night

More make up for actors / crew

Crew Member Izzy's concession stand for the night

Fireman Jake, creator of "Axe Room" getting it together

Crew members helping out The Butcher

We all gotta eat

Salem Haunts Security


They got OUR backs