2017 Haunt Photos Part II

2017 Photos Part II

CEO and Board Member having fun with the Photo Booth


Salem Haunts Photo Booth

Prisoner Actress Photo Booth Test

Parent of CEO photo booth test

Board members photo booth test

Salem Haunts youngest actor

2016 Salem Haunt actress could not perform in 2017 because of this little cutie in our photo booth

Family Portrait

CEO and long time friend "Herc"

Photo Booth in use during the Haunt




Final Salem Haunts look Oct. 30th

Final "Easter Egg" display

Zombie waiting to scare visitors

Freddy taking a break from torturing the prisoners and eating all the candy for trick - or - treaters

Staying out late Oct. 30th for final touches 

Final Rehearsal with Cast and Crew Late night Oct. 30th

Trying to gather together for a group photo before the doors of Salem Haunts opens up

Still Trying....

Cast and Crew of Salem Haunts

The Prisoners

CEO and Board Member


Oct 31st, setting up the line

Discussing Security Measures

"Keep everyone in check"

"Green Room" and "Cemetery Room" actors having a smoke break before Salem Haunts opens

The Traditional Good Luck Shot before Salem Haunts opens

Good Luck for another successful year

Family / Friends


Doors are OPENED!  Please read signs before entering

Part II of sign I

Sign 2 Part I

Sign 2 Part II

Our first Hauntees

The "Unsure" ones

Crew member Izzy ready to hand out FREE candy and selling popcorn/sodas.  As the night progresses, she gets REALLY BUSY!

The line grows

Security and friend Ru-Ru

Waiting patiently


Izzy's first Hauntees


Getting busy for Izzy

Ru-Ru buying popcorn

There is Ru-Ru again....



Ru-Ru just keeps stepping in front of the camera


Again, with his back to photographer


Security holding up the line so that the Actors can take a 10min break


A brief moment of relief for Izzy

The line grows around the corner


Security watching crowd in line around the corner




Izzy is so busy she gets help from the mom of a former Salem Haunts Actress. THANKS Verna!



The line stayed this long throughout the night




THANK YOU to ALL 552 people for coming out 2017.  Salem Haunts couldn't exist without you!