2019 Haunt Photos Part II: Set Up


The floor plan


We used Google Maps to print out an overview of the home. Then the photo was laminated. The laminated photo allowed us to use a dry erase marker to make changes. 

Halloween decorations prior to SH construction


This year we received so much donations that it can no longer fit in CEO's truck and COO's SUV. 

Time to unload

First day of set up, Saturday Oct. 26......






.....Continued onto the night


The actor in the black....try to find him in other photos JUST STANDING AROUND! 

The Butcher and his brother setting up the Werewolf room. 




Walls are beginning to be placed

"Doors" are being placed

Even the CEO is helping set up walls

COO helping out




Maze being set up

Rooms are being set up

Board member Larry sets up his room: "The Cemetery" 

Crew members Tara and Jesse setting up "Jason's" Room

Larry setting up "The Cemetery"

Rich setting up "IT" room

Andrew and Rich setting up "IT" room

Another set up going onto nightfall

COO does equipment check on fog machines


Other than all the other typical duties the CEO does every year for SH, 2019 is the first year she has put together her own room. Her room theme was "The Handmaid's Tale." 

CEO also helped with the drop down wall in the maze. 

Checking how the bonnet looks on live characters

Mock up of entire Handmaid costume for the replicas

Cutting out arms 


Cutting out shoulders

Adding shoulders to replicas

Adding bonnets

All body structures are done


Final replica set up

Mock up for final room

CEO Selfie

Proud moment (pat on back)



Overview of entire SH layout



Entrance to Salem Haunts. First room: "IT"

Leaving the IT room, you'll find EVIL lurking in the hallway

The hallway will lead you to the next room

Room 2: CHUCKY

SH devil baby laying on Chucky's bed

Leaving Chucky's room, you'll enter "The Handmaid's Tale" room

There were 2 live characters and 10 replicas in this room

Leaving The Handmaid's Tale, you'll enter SH's first outdoor maze


Hay was rented to help guide hauntees around the corner....


....where you'll find SH's mascot The Drunk Pumpkin


This is Drunk Pumpkin's debut inside the haunt. Unfortunately he didn't get alot of drinks this year. He also was a lightweight, he only had three Modelo's! 

Leaving the Maze onto the next room


After the Maze you will enter The Werewolf's room

A victim of the Werewolf

Exiting The Werewolf room, you'll find The Headless Horseman waiting for you

After running from The Headless Horseman, you'll find yourself in SH Cemetery

After surviving the 3 actors in SH Cemetery, you'll run into the last room and find Hannibal, Michael and Jason waiting to scare you out