2019 Haunt Photos Part IV: Final Prep and Day Of


2019 is the first year Salem Haunts had sponsors. We would like to thank all our Sponsors who helped contribute to the success of 2019. We would also like to thank all those from the Mira Mesa Community who donated to SH 2019. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

Salem Haunts Sponsor Display


The Godfather Italian Restaurant

Located at 7878 Clairemont Mesa Blvd 

San Diego, CA 92111

Leyendas de Mi Pueblo Tequila


This year's official sponsor for the Drunk Pumpkin as well as the SH team's annual toast

Big THANK YOU to Mira Mesa Town Counsil

THANK YOU Hardcore Fitness

Mira Mesa's own Monster Manor donated new props. THANK YOU!


Final prep for entry way

Electric chair works - CHECK!

Blowing up balloons for the "IT" room

Final entry and "IT" room

Amanda setting up coffin animatronics in cemetery room

CEO and final prep for "Handmaid's Tale" room

Rich checking on everything battery related

Last room contains CEO's favorite slashers. Although Hannibal isn't really a slasher

Michael will be hiding and waiting for you

Freddy just hanging out

The Original SH tag team: Jason and Freddy

Actress LT doing a walk through with a maze actress

Continued walk through with LT and actress

Actresses putting aside some time for studying. EDUCATION COMES FIRST!

2019 SALEM HAUNTS - Last Minute Prep

SH is located between Hickman Elem and Challenger MS.....

....So we sent two actors to promote during morning school traffic....

....We even got the gorilla to promote

With so much going on CEO forgot to carve the drunk pumpkin and a regular pumpkin. So CEO asked some crew members to help

Rich mixing paint for the hallway

DMNTD adding final touch to his costume

Adjusting canopy height to fit the electric chair

Eli making sure there is air in the clowns for the "IT" room

COO and Landon placing the jumping spider in the maze

COO turning on the scarecrow in the maze

Hand made / painted backdrop to the cemetery. 

Joanne and Amanda discussing final set up for the cemetery

The Butcher setting up the fog machine for his room

The Butcher giving out final directions to his supporting crew

SALEM HAUNTS 2019 - Getting Ready

The girls putting on their final make up

Eli getting his "IT" make up done

Drunk / Fat Thor doing a "Bend and Snap" costume check

DMNTD and his body armor 

Eating before game time....you never know if you're gonna get any breaks during the Haunt

The two Handmaid's swinging and relaxing before game time

Smoke break

Line setting up on the driveway

Line set up along the sidewalk

Concession stand set up

"Jason" setting up Donation Jar

Final Concession stand display

Last minute speech from CEO to cast and crew


Line is starting to build and SH 2019 hasn't opened yet. 

The sun hasn't set and the line has already covered the driveway

Passing the driveway and onto the sidewalk

As the sun sets the line and crowds start building



More fan shots from driveway

Fan shots from around the corner

New Salem Street shot showing the line of cars waiting to drop off Hauntees

CEO and COO would like to thank ALL 871 HAUNTEES that made 2019 successful. 

Unfortunately Annabelle could not be a part of SH 2019. She was locked up and in her box. Maybe she'll see you in 2020!