Amanda **Haunting since 2013

Amanda **Haunting since 2013

Executive Board Member

Amanda has been with Salem Haunts for 4 years. She is involved in the planning, set up, take down, and scaring the @*&% out of people during the annual Haunt! Amanda always shows up with one of the most elaborate costumes and does some amazing make up. 

Did you attend MMHS? No

Class of: 2004 at Cathedral City High School

Favorite scary movie: I have 3 that I can't choose between, but I love/hate all of them the same because they scare me so much: The Conjuring, The Others & The Ring

What am I most afraid of: Nothing in particular

What do I like most about participating at Salem Haunts: The screams from scared little children

My favorite Halloween Candy: Milky Way Midnight