Richard **Haunting since 2012

Richard **Haunting since 2012

COO / Executive Board Member

Richard is a co-founder to Salem Haunts and Executive Board Member.

He has been with Salem Haunts from the beginning. Today, you will see him at the front of the line and the person administering crowd control and instructions to all guests. 

Richard is involved with all aspects of Salem Haunts, including securing new material for each Haunt, website and brochure creation, internet marketing, meeting organization, planning, set-up and take-down.

Did you attend Mira Mesa High School - Yes, class of 1995!

What's your favorite horror movie? - That's a tough one. There's so many! I would go with Rob Zombie's Halloween or Scream.

What horror movie provides inspiration for your involvement with Salem Haunts?- There's not one. We take elements from movies, haunted houses, etc. that we've seen over the years as inspiration for parts of our annual haunt.

What do you like most about being involved with Salem Haunts? - I really love seeing it grow to where it is now. From one room to the multi-tent maze we have now! I also love doing this for the folks in our Community. It's really become something people look forward to every year.

What's your favorite Halloween candy? - Hard to pick a favorite. I always liked Nerds, Gobstoppers, and Raisinets.